Breg ob Kokri 14
4205 Preddvor

Tel.: 04 255 13 92
Gsm: 031 307
160, 526 259
e-mail: tourism.uslakar@gmail.com


Our Tourist farm is located in village Breg ob Kokri, only 1 kilometer from Preddvor and 10 kilometers from Kranj - capitol of Gorenjska region. The countryside is very tranquil and pleasant place to go on vacation to. On the other hand it offers a great number of activities.

There are a lot of churches, castles, small chaples and lakes. You can borrow bicycles, play table-tennis or badminton or you can go to the mountains. There is also a chance of horse-ridding, playing tennis, rock-climbing and suitable wind for paragliding.

You will be accommodated in a house built in 1883, that was completely renewed in year 1994. 4 apartments are available (room, bathroom, kitchen). All rooms have cable TV, the kitchens are fully equipped (refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, dishcloths, dishes, knives, forks, spoons, tableware).

There is also a common room with wood burning oven available for approximately 30 people. It may come in handy especially in the winter, when the guests, shivering with cold, return from the ski center Krvavec around 10 kilometers away. The farm counts approximately 20 animals (cattle). Guests can feel free to help us working with animals and in the summer time they can also help with other work on the field or meadows.